Black Hawk Lake Protective Association

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Who We Are :

A group of future-focused citizens and organizations concerned with the long-term health of Black Hawk Lake and the surrounding area.


Our Mission:

Engage area homeowners, farmers / landowners, businesses and users of Black Hawk Lake to advocate and promote the general welfare of Black Hawk Lake and the surrounding environment.


Making An Impact:

The strength of our voice is in direct proportion to our membership size.  By joining together as members of the BHLPA, we can give a strong and unified voice for preserving and protecting this valuable natural resource.


There will be periodically postings of the activities of the LPA organization.  In addition, we will attempt to communicate social and political concerns that have an impact on our various projects and functions.

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Take a look at our new photo gallery with many pictures of events held on and around Black Hawk Lake.

Annual Meeting

Membership in the BHLPA is open to everyone. We encourage anyone who has an interest in helping to improve lake water quality to become a member. The annual meeting will be held in late August. Updates on watershed improvements and lake restoration plans are given. Three of the nine board member positions will be up for election. The Sac County Soil and Water Conservation District will present awards to farm operators who implement designated practices that help improve the watershed.

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Upcoming Events:

BHLPA Monthly Meetings

The BHLPA meets almost every month on the third Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm. The meetings are held at the Lake View Community Building in the Council Chambers. Meetings are open to the public.

Prairie Lakes Conference

The Clean Water Alliance of Dickinson County will hold its first annual Prairie Lake Conference to promote clean water. The public is invited to attend to learn about soil health, water quality and the connections between the two. They are working to educate people on ways to protect out most valuable resource - water. The event will be held August 10-12 at the Arrowhead Resort and Conference Center in Okoboji, Iowa. Ben Wallace, local DNR fisheries biologist is scheduled to present inforamiton about Black Hawk Lake's restoration. On Saturday, August 13, the Okoboji Protective Association plans to have a wolrd class band and to teacher the thousands attending the concert about clean water. More information is available at  The BHLPA is a Level One Bluegill sponsor for this event.

05/24/2014 05:01 PM — Aquatic Plant Management for Dock Owners

05/24/2014 08:45 AM — 2014 Iowa DNR Lake Vegetation Control

04/10/2013 04:13 PM — BHLPA Spring 2013 Newsletter



Aquatic Plant Management Guide for Dock Owners 




A guide for riparian homeowners. (Click to download)


Black Hawk Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan




A plan for controlling aquatic vegetation in Black Hawk Lake - 2014 (Click to download)


Black Hawk Lake Water Level

Source: USGS Water Data

(Link to USGS web site)

Overflow Crest = approximately 7 feet Gage Height

USGS Water-data graph for site 06025500 


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